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My name is Hertta Pirkkalainen, and I am from Joroinen (Finland). At the moment I am working in Estonia, for I am a veterinarian in the University of Life Sciences, working with production animals. I love my home district and I spent a lot of my time there. I have grown in a hunting friendly environment, spending time with my father at elk hunting. In my childhood home we had Karelian Beardogs, Swedish Elkhounds and a Golden Retriever.

When doing my studies I decided to have a dog of my own. A smaller one, with whom I would be able to hunt. I contacted Ulla-Marja Ruistola and she recommended me to ask for a working spaniel from Sweden. The same summer, 2007, I went to Sweden and came back with a red cocker Tinka (Ah-Tib’s Fifth Element).

While training Tinka I made so many mistakes! She was, fortunately, a very independent dog and together we learned how to hunt birds. We also ended up competing in field trials. We must have caused a lot of amusement among fellow competitors and judges, but the positive attitude has been with me ever since. I have met wonderful people who have become my friends!

During my last year of studies Tuli, puppy of Tinkas sister, arrived. She proved to be even more action-packed than Tinka! I enjoyed their company for two years, then Tinka sadly passed away. With Tuli I have done agility and TOKO just for fun, and of course we’ve been hunting together. We have also participated in a few field trial tests with nice results. Unfortunately the base training I did with Tuli was not proper enough and she is not always steady at flush. A shame, considering the field trials, otherwise she is an efficient hunter and a sound retriever.


I got my Kennel name in the summer of 2015. As a breeder I want to maintain the features that make a cocker an excellent hunter: good contact with the owner, efficient and persistent seeking skills and sound retrieving. It is also important that the dog calms down at home and gets along very well with other dogs and people.


Villivuokon Virvatuli “Tuli”

(Ah-Tib’s Four Feet Above x Vagnmakarens Dukat)
s. 06.03.2011
Hips C/C, elbows 0/0, knees 1/0, eyes ok (7.5.15)
LT 112p

In Memoriam
Ah-Tib’s Fifth Element ”Tinka”

(Whaupley Ulrica x Cronbury Cracker)
Hips C/C, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0, eyes ok


Villivuokon Virvatuli x Frosty Morning’s Naoise

I decided to breed Tuli after a long consideration. I really like Tuli’s fiery seeking skills. Tuli also has a good contact with me and she is a reliable retriever. At home Tuli is calm and comes to sleep at my side at every possibility. I really appreciate these features in a cocker.

For Tuli I searched a male that was sensible and had good hunting skills. Dubble goes hunting with his handler and has proven himself to be a fine hunting companion. He gets along with other dogs really well and is an easy dog at home.

I am familiar with both of the dogs pedigrees and have seen close relatives of these dogs hunting.

Elotulen Liekki

Sex: Male

Elotulen Loimu

Sex: Male

Elotulen Loiste

Sex: Female

Elotulen Lumo

Sex: Female